Acid Hydrolysis

Automated Acid Hydrolysis for Fat Determination



The first automated system for Acid Hydrolysis for Fat Determination is called the Hydrotherm.  This system was created by Gerhardt, a German manufacturer, since the 1800′s, and is distributed here in North America by Lab Synergy.  This new process is going to ignite new ideas for the process of Fat Determination.  Not only is the entire system automated but it decreases the traditional cost of analysis by 80%.


Mojonnier Method

Mojonnier Method is now not only considered an older method in the world of food chemistry but compared to the Automated Acid Hydrolysis method it is also very hazardous.


Method conformity

Not only does the system meet national regulations, for the fat determination process, but it also meets all international regulations as well.  The system is designed to successfully work for all necessary applications for fat determination.


Maximum safety

The systems design assures the ultimate safety during operation. At no time is the technician exposed or required to handle any hazardous chemicals during the entire process.  A fume hood is not required.
Modern Equipped on System

What allows the system to run completely automatically is the software the system comes equipped with,HYDROTHERM Manager.  The software affords lab managers the opportunity to automatically run Acid Hydrolysis methods for Fat Determination.  There is no longer a need for technicians to run time-consuming procedures for Fat Determination.  The Manager system allows the user to run a long list of methods for various applications.
Hydrolysis and extraction from one source
Not only does the HYDROTHERM replace the Mojonnier method on samples but it also prepares the sample for extraction.