Crude Fiber Analysis

Fully Automated Crude Fiber Analysis


Automated Crude Fibre Determination

Based on the established Gerhardt FibreBag Method, the new Fibretherm offers the fully automated processing of the tedious boiling and filtration steps for the crude fibre-, ADF- and NDF-determination. Fibretherm has many advantages compared to the standard method. Up to 12 samples can be digested and filtrated simultaneously, which saves precious bench space as well as chemicals. The savings are especially significant for labs with a high sample throughput. The procedure with controlled boiling steps as well as the unique, highly precise filtration mesh of the FibreBags ensure highly precise results. The entire process takes place in a closed system.



Up to 12 samples are each weighted into a Fibre Bag. Just like in the traditional method, the required boiling times and filtration steps are done for all samples simultaneously. When determining the crude fibre content, the non soluble contents as sulfuric acid and caustic potash solution remain in the Fibre Bag. The residue is dried, weighted and then incincerated. The difference between the ash content and the non-diluted residue in relation to the initial sample weight, is the crude fibre content. When doing an ADF- and NDF-determination, the sample is treated with the respective detergents, the remaining substances of the cell structure are specified and determined according to this method as well. Also the calculation is done identically to the crude fibre determination.Since all analyses are conventional methods, it is very important to observe the respective times for the boiling procedures as well as observing the weighing procedures as exactly as possible.




Saves time:

  • Simultaneous analysis of up to 12 samples
  • Quick and safe filtration
  • Short heating up time


Ergonomic features:

  • Small footprint – saves bench space
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe operation
  • Storage of up to 10 methods
  • Use of inert materials – prevents corrosion


Reduces the costs:

  • Automation of procedure
  • Saves chemicals thus saves as well the costs forwaste disposal
  • Monitors cooling water and energy
  • Optimizes the quality of the analysis:
  • Automated reproducible conditions of analysis
  • Constant filtration quality of FibreBags
  • Low blank values due to almost complete incineration


Crude Fiber Analysis – Fiber Bag System

After an extensive trial, a new fiber technique is now made available for the determination of the residue remaining after treatment of serial products with sulphuric and phosphoric acid. The principle is to place a the sample in a bag made of high precision specially treated polypropylene mesh. Six bags are boiled simultaneously in one standard fiber apparatus using a specially designed rack. Filtering is achieved more rapidly under gravity and results obtained are as accurate as the standard method with vastly improved precision. Methods include fiber, ADF and NDF

  • No top cap to block
  • Lower blanks
  • Less plastic per unit
  • 20% lower cost per unit
  • No maintenance costs
  • Sixfold increase in throughput